ERA VENTURE GROUP started as a trading and distribution company of consumer products in the Asia Pacific region in 2006. With more than 20 years of experience in personal care businesses and regional markets, the management team decided to go into brand development. We pledged to bring only the best products to our customers through understanding consumers’ needs, working with R&D experts and international fragrance houses. Supported by several production facilities located in Asia, we have developed a brand portfolio targeted at different consumer segments. The Group remains commited in creativity and innovation to be at the forefront of the industry


Become a personal care company that understands the diversity
of consumer needs and focused on customer satisfaction


Offering premium quality of products at an affordable price
Presents diversity of products which can address the needs of consumers
Develop innovative products which represent aspirations and modern lifestyle.

Besides Mutouch, Era Venture Group also has a number of brand portfolio aimed to different target market segments, among others, “Bathmocktail” and “Palmieros”. Brand & product development for different consumer segments is in line with the company’s commitment to meet the diversity of unique consumer needs in the lifestyle and necessity